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Replacement iPhone 7 Plus Screen White Full Assembly UK Shipping in 3 Days

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Compatible with : iPhone 7 Plus LCD

Package List
1 x iPhone 7 Plus screen replacement
1xTempered glass screen protector
1 x Waterproof adhesive
Required tools:Magnetic crosstip screwdrivers
*Magnetic Pentalobe screwdrivers
*Magnetic Y screwdrivers
*tweezer, suction cup, wiping cloth,Dry&Wet alcohol swab,card pin,plastic triangle opening tool.

1.Check bubble bag before open it.
2.Please Know detailed flow chart before installation. Be careful and patient can avoid some unnecessary mistakes.
3.Please switch off phone to avoid any electrical injury before installation.
4.Do not bend the cables in the wrong way
5.Not charge phone to avoid any electrical injury during replacement.

Trouble Shoot help
Question:When the screen is placed on phone the phone no longer comes on or seems black
Answer: Reset the phone by holding both Power and Home button together pressed for min 15 sec.
Question::Why doesn’t the phone touch screen respond to command?Why there are some regular stripes on the screen?
Answer::There are 2 ribbon cables on the screen, one is display cable, the other is touch cable.
If the display of your phone is ok, but the screen does not respond to command or there is many lines on the screen, I am afraid that the touch cable is not well installed .
Please try the following steps to solve this problem:
a. Separate the screen and the other part.
b. Install the screen, please press tight on the ribbon cables to make sure they are well connected.
c. Then, restart your phone.

Product Detail

①Top Metal Bracket Screw Hole
②Ribbon Cable Hole
③Dust Mesh
④Top Metal Bracket Screw Hole
⑤Loudspeaker Plastic Circle
⑥Top Metal Bracket Screw Hole
⑦Top Metal Bracket Screw Hole

Highly Attention

①Do not pull the flex cable.Be careful during installation,otherwise will cause the black screen,blurred screen or undisplay.
②Do not bend the link between screen and flex cable
③Please make sure test before installation,then tear off the red film during installation
④This part is fragile,when install the replacement,please balance the power in case it cracked

High Quality

This screen replacement is used to repair and replace your wrong, cracked, damaged, faulty, shattered screen.

Please test the new LCD before you install.


1.Connect the cable

2.Test screen

3.Test Touch:Long press one of APP moving around the screen, to check the new screen could normal to work or not

New Scree,New Mood


If you can only encounter this screen,why not stay for it.After installed this screen,new clear screen will bring you a happy mood.


Comparison of this screen with other screens

Through the contrast of the brightness of the screen, we can clearly find that the screen brightness of this screen is about 400cd/m^2, and the brightness of other screens is about 250cd/m^2. This screen is obviously better than other screens

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