Connect your Air Conditioner to Wifi

Instructions for using Tuya app to remotely control your Famgizmo portable air condition. For Wi-Fi built in models only.

Step by Step:

1. Download Tuya APP on your phone and sign in.
2. Connect your phone with wifi. (please confirm your wifi is 2.4Ghz)
3. Turn on the Location Services/GPS on your phone, and allow the APP to use your location.
4. Plug in the air conditioner, and turn it on. The WIFI Button is off now.
5. Long press the WIFI button (or FAN button) on the panel until you hear a beep, then let go.
6. The WIFI Button will flash now, then use the app to link to the unit. (Enter wifi password, and check if the WIFI button is flashing)
7. The WIFI Button will turn off for one second and then stay on, finish!


WIFI Button:

 If no WIFI Button, please press the FAN Button





You can also watch it on Youtube: