Why Oil Filled Radiators Are the Suitable Home Heaters?


Winters are becoming harsh in the UK day by day. Oil filled room heaters are one of the best room heaters in the UK, considering multiple aspects of heating and comfort. In this article, we would like to show you the advantages and disadvantages of oil room heaters to help you make the best purchase decision.

What are Oil Filled Heaters?

Oil-filled heaters are composed of metal columns filled with cavities. A heating element on the bottom of the unit turns on and heats the oil. It passes through the columns, transferring heat to the metal and then from the metal to the air. Due to its convenience, Oil filled heaters can provide focused and localized heat which are particularly suitable for people to stay warm and cozy.

How radiator runs.

How radiator runs



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Advantages of Oil-Filled Heaters

Less Noise 

A silent environment is vital to have a peaceful sleeping. Even a tiny noise that would influence the quality of sleep. To create a comfortable atmosphere in a bedroom, choosing noiseless electronic is especially significant. Unlike fan heaters, Oil filled radiators without an exposed heating element are less noisy. You don't even feel the presence of them in the room.


Energy Saving

Electricity bills become a heavy burden on daily cost, which almost takes nearly 5% of the average UK household budget. Most families are not likely to increase extra costs on warmth. 

These oil filled radiators have two features that can guarantee to save energy. Once the oil is warm it can continue to push out heat for many hours; even if you have turned the power off! Therefore, you do not need to keep open it. Thanks to the timer function of most products, you can choose to use it whenever you like. Also, the cost of electricity during off-peak hours is much less than usual. 

 Recommended Oil filled radiators 

1.5KW 7/9 Fin Portable Electric Oil Filled Radiator
1.5KW 7/9 Fin Portable Electric Oil Filled Radiator Cover up to 10㎡/20㎡
Adjustable Thermostat
Safety Tip Over Switch
Overheat Protection
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Safety First

For those families who have children and pets, safety is the priority. Have you ever worry about the heaters get so hot that your pet or your children can severely burn themselves just by touching them? Fortunately, if you choose oil filled radiators,  the worry will be surplus. The surface may get hot but is not hot enough to burn your skin.

Additionally,  the heating element, that is the oil inside the radiators which is not being able to touch it means the heaters are much safer than other similar devices.Equipped with fantastic safety features including thermal cut off, safety tip-over switch and an automatic overheat protection system, the oil filled heaters are one of the safest heaters on the market.


On lightest weight about 3.8 kg, oil-filled heaters are easy to move from place to place. Many are small enough to fit right under a desk. As for the heavy one, it generally equipped with wheels to be placed anywhere.


Disadvantages of Oil-Filled Heaters

As with any product, there are a few disadvantages as well, primarily that they take a little longer to heat up. But considering oil-filled heaters have first to heat the oil, then warm the air around them, they are still worth to choose. 


After all, oil filled radiators offer a more energy efficient way of heating. You will be glad to see that your electricity bills fall once you replace your old heater with them. 


 Recommended Oil filled radiators 

2.5/3KW Oil Filled 24h Timer Electric Radiator 9/11 Fins
2.5/3KW Oil Filled Timable Electric Radiator 9/11 Fins 3 Heat Power Settings 
Cover up to 30㎡/ 35㎡
Adjustable Thermostat
24 Hours Timer
Built-in Safety system
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3KW Portable Electric Oil Filled Radiator 11 Fin Heater
3KW Portable Electric Oil Filled Radiator 11 Fin Heater 3 Heat Power Settings 
Cover up to 35㎡
Adjustable Thermostat
Safety Tip Over Switch
Overheat Protection
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