Outdoor Gas Heaters VS Outdoor Electric Heaters

When was the last time you have a party with your families and friends in the patio?  Generating a little heat outside can help expand a home’s cold-season living space on all but the nastiest days. So, why not buy an outdoor heater to add vitality and enjoy the harmony atmosphere?

Here are the main difference between the outdoor gas heaters and outdoor electric heaters.



It is not difficult to add propane heaters to your patio or yard. They don't require professional installation. All you have to do is putting them together, attaching the gas tank, and turning them on. 

Unfortunately, they cost more than natural gas outdoor heaters in the long run, and you should plan on replacing the gas tank every so often if you go with this option. However, it is friendly to new users. And when the propane tank does run out, eliminate the old and replace with the new one.


Heat up fast

As quick as a flash, the time of heating needs a few minutes.

No installation required

Once you get the heater, you can quickly use it without any assemble difficulty.


You can place it wherever you like. The outdoor propane heaters can be moved to the place you need the heat most.

To Keep in Mind:

Propane costs more than natural gas.

Gas tanks will need to be replaced periodically.

Shouldn’t be used in a covered or enclosed space.



Electric outdoor heaters are typically a very convenient option. Except for hanging and wall-mounted models, electric outdoor heaters don’t require any installation and merely need to be plugged in. The main inconvenience you may experience is having to keep your electric heater close to an outlet.

Electricity costs more than gas and wood for ongoing use, but electric heaters are very easy to use and maintain, and they’re the only type of outdoor heater that it’s safe to use in an enclosed or covered space.



Just plug it in then you will get steady heat around you. 


No matter you use it in covered or enclosed spaces, you don't need to worry about it may cause a fire or other accident.

Easy to use and maintain

The broken probability of this machine is tiny. So you don't have to over cautious about using and make lots of efforts to keep it.


Cost more to use in the long term.

Can only be used close to an outlet.

May prove to be slow to heat up.


To sum up, both outdoor gas heaters and electric heaters have their pros and cons. You can choose it depending on your demand.


Whether you need gas or electric, industrial or household use, high power or low power electric heaters, there’s an endless variety to choose. You can found all of them at Famgizmo. For more information, visit our website or get in touch with our sales team.


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