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15 Fun Facts about Panel Heaters


Now that we've done" Guides on Choosing Oil Filled Radiators and Fireplaces," and "Why Oil Filled Radiators Are the Suitable Home Heaters," we thought it was time to dive into the exciting world of panel heaters! 
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Let's read the interesting facts we found!

1. Be known as convection heaters, panel heaters provide warmth by using hot air to attract cool air over a large panel surface.

2. Unlike electric radiators, they don't heat the air directly. Instead, they create a warm air current when the heater is switched on,

3. You could use for short periods in lounges, hallways, and bedrooms because panel heaters getting warm quickly.

4. Panel heaters use more energy than oil filled radiators, but panel heaters heat much faster! (Let's know the Advantages of Oil Filled Radiators!)

5. For the leading spaces in your home, electric radiators will always be the better option as they’re more energy efficient and their radiated warmth will provide a more constant heat in comparison.

6. Panel heaters are suitable for everyday use, electric will be better.

7. Whatever your home style is, you can find panel heaters can fit your interior design schemes!

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8. Both equipped with a digital thermostat and 24/7 programmer, the control systems are the same as many of the electric radiators.

9. Panel heaters are also portable and easy to move when you need to go to other places.

10. You probably use both panel heaters and regular electric radiators to ensure that your rooms are always the right temperature.

11. Child-lock can protect the settings you apply from being messed up by your child's curious little fingers.

12. As you can programme a wide range of temperatures, the heating around your daily routine also can be arranged.

13. The heat created by the panel heater is easy to dissipate when you frequently come and go from the room.

14. Benefits from its easier manufacture and simpler heating elements, panel heaters are typically much cheaper than electric radiators.

15. No need to avoid blocking big pieces of furniture like sofas and beds, you can place it higher up the wall.

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Choosing a panel heater is an excellent way to bring your home a much more dynamic method of heating. As they can be programmed individually, quickly change the temperature, portable to move. Investing in panel heaters is a smart decision for anyone looking for a better way to heat their home. They might be the thing you have been searching. Don't forget to ask yourself a few questions before buying.

Above all, the best kind of heater for you and your family depends on the following:

  • the size of  your area
  • the amount of heat you want
  • the type of heat you want
  • the running cost 


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