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It is hard to differentiate a portable air conditioner and a portable air cooler based on their appearance. Also, the functionality of these two appliances looks the same. In fact, there are still lots of uncommon, especially considering the cooling methods. Here is the detailed comparison between portable air conditioner and air cooler.

How Do They Work?

How Does a Portable Air Conditioner Work?

AC units uaually have a single hose design or dual hose design. A single-hose portable air conditioner will take air from the opening room, cools it, and return most of that air into the room. As for the dual hose one, it works by taking in air from the outside through one tube and using that air to cool the unit.

Where They Work Best?

Unlike air cooler, AC units can operate well on most of the places which contributed to their low dependence on the humidity.

How Does a Portable Cooler Work?

Evaporative cooling occurs naturally all around us. These cooling effects have a simple concept. As dry air pass over water; the dry air will absorb some of the water. Therefore, most people will feel a chill when approaching the lake or sea. Inspired by nature, the air cooler operates this simple concept of evaporation which takes in warm air and propels it to the wet pads.

Where Does Portable Air Cooler Works Best?

Depended heavily on the humidity, the air cooler operates better at dry places which relative humidity is 60% or less. However, evaporative coolers can work in humid conditions when they are used in semi-outdoor and outdoor conditions for moisture evaporation.

Portable Air-Conditioners vs Portable Air Cooler: how do they compare?

So, which one is suitable for you? Check out the pros and cons of these two appliances.

Portable Air Conditioner


Portable air conditioner can produce both heat and cold despite the climate change. Also, it works well in a high humid area and doesn't need daily maintenance.

In almost every home, the most significant cause of a high electricity bill is the heating and cold devices. Unfortunately, it costs far more energy than the portable air cooler. Noise is also a significant factor when choosing appliances. High noise will largely influence sleeping quality. Although most suppliers are devoted to improving techniques to solve this problem, portable air conditioner is much nosier than the average air cooler.


Portable Air Cooler


Unlike traditional AC units that use compressors and refrigerants, air cooler uses only water, a fan, and pump to saturate the cooling media to create fresh air.

Cost- Efficiency
Only use water and electricity, air cooler cost less energy when compared to traditional AC unit.

Environmentally- friendly

Nowadays, more people will consider whether it is harming the environment when choosing devices. Swamp coolers use a natural process that cools the air using motion and water which won't add ozone-harming pollutants or other chemicals to the environment.

Most importantly, swamp coolers work best when fresh air is available, such as from an open window or a door. This constant circulation ensures that your indoor air is more refreshing than it would be with traditional air conditioners that require an airtight space to operate. Plus, the evaporative cooling process naturally humidifies dry air - reducing dry air symptoms such as itchy eyes, throat, or skin.

Because of its function by evaporation, you may have to refill the water tank when needed. Usually the larger the capacity of the water tank, the better air cooler it is.

Think about a few questions
First, do I need a cooling device? Second, if the place I live suitable for an air conditioner? Third, what is my budget? After having a clear mind on these questions, I guess you will get on the right track to finding your perfect cooling device.

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April 30, 2019

It seems that portable air cooler is more economical and energy efficiency.

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